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Innovation Platforms

Zhongguancun: a promising land for AI technology        2017-10-27

The capital city Beijing recently released an action plan, urging Zhongguancun Science Park to improve its innovation ability in artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

Zhongguancun establishes innovation cluster        2017-06-06

Zhongguancun's Chaoyang Garden has committed to building a cluster for international research innovation focusing on the information services industry.

Aerospace industry cluster        2014-01-27

The space information service and navigation industry in Zhongguancun represented by Beidou navigation system has thoroughly changed China‘s dependence on foreign products and technologies.

Electronic information industry cluster        2014-01-27

Zhongguancun has preliminarily formed an electronic information industry cluster with international competitiveness.

New material industry cluster        2014-01-27

Some advanced functional materials and structural materials made in Zhongguancun have been applied in information, biology, new energies and aerospace sectors.

New energy vehicle industry cluster        2014-01-27

Zhongguancun has formed an electric vehicle industrial chain in the new energy vehicle sector, covering drive motors, power cells and other key technologies

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