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Tech salon highlights smart manufacturing
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2018-08-09

The Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Salon and Smart Manufacturing Industry Conference were held in Beijing's Fangshan district on Aug 3.

Focusing on trends of China's smart manufacturing industry, the events attracted about 90 representatives from government administrations, research institutes, industry associations and investment agencies.

"Smart manufacturing is part and parcel to our strategy of building a high-tech economic structure," said Pang Yongning, deputy head of the Industrial Park Office of the Fangshan Commission of Economy and Information Technology, when addressing the salon.

His commission will ramp up efforts in five major aspects: innovative research, talent recruitment, entrepreneurship platform, park construction and enterprise incubation. By doing so, more and more smart manufacturing projects are expected to land in Fangshan district, Pang noted.

During the industry conference, Zhu Ping, president of Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Co, introduced the Institute for Emerging Industries and Frontier Technologies, an integrated service platform for companies and organizations engaged in the smart manufacturing industry.

The Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Salon, or Z-Salon, co-hosted by the Zhongguancun Development Group and the People's Government of Fangshan District, is aimed to coordinate multiple resources, hear different voices and open new visions for Z-Park, which is commonly dubbed as China's Silicon Valley.